Filling solutions

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Whether you fill products for the food industry
or consumer and industrial goods, the filling
machines from Buhmann offer the full room to
maneuver that you have always wanted. Liquids,
highly viscous and powdered or lumpy products
can be packaged with a Buhmann filling line.
During the construction of our equipment, we
pay attention to ease of use. Thus,
Buhmann-trained personnel can carry out optimal
production and maintenance independently. You
can process all products and packaging materials
fully automatically with a “Buhmann”, depending on
the model. Dosing, closing, or both – as you like.
For maximum dosing accuracy with our systems,
various dispensing mechanisms, flow meters, or
even the integration of multi head balances are
available for you to choose from. As a producer,
weight accuracy and control improvements means
savings for you.


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Industry and consumer goods
Packshots Abfüllung2

Mild products

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Packshots Abfüllung4

Gourmet Salad
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Pet food
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