Final packaging solutions

Buhmann Unternehmensbereich gruên

As a manufacturer, you are constantly
subjected to changing market conditions.
For this reason, you need a packaging
system which allows maximum flexibility
with low space requirements. Your Buhmann
machine combines impeccable performance
and ease of use to support you in achieving
sustained success at the point-of-sale. Using
the final packaging systems from Buhmann,
you will be able to secondary package bags,
folding cartons, wrapped packages, cans,
cups, trays, blisters, thermoformed packaging,
jars, bottles and tubes. A variety of carton
designs are available as final packaging:
American case (RSC), pre-glued display
cartons, trays, lids, tray and lid as well as
WrapAround versions.

Types of primary packaging
Packshots EVP1 ENG

Carton Types
Packshots EVP2 ENG

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