History Buhmann

1980 The company was established in April 1980 through Franz Buhmann in Heimenkirch (Allgäu)
1985 Relocation to the new building in Weiler-Simmerberg
1994 AFR: first rotary machine in the market with servo drives
1995 C200: first carton erector utilizing cold glue
1999 WP70100 (final packaging system for WrapAround blanks): first horizontal cardboard carton hopper on the market, hence a very compact design
2001 Linear filling machine for confectionery: First ultrasound sealing system for the sealing of rigid films with peel effect (clamshell)
2002 AFL: Cup filling and sealing machine with sealing off the roll with a modified atmosphere (MAP)
2003 Special machine: Mixing machine for cheese triangles, 28 servo axes, newly developed pick-and-place axis
2004 AFL B: First filling & sealing machine with patented balcony design, innovative plate transport without transport chain
2005 AFL: Custom development – first system for recyclable packaging material, equipped with laminar air flow
2006 C300: first machine with active folding, thanks to precise folding very complex cuts can be processed
2008 C400: new stainless steel frame with integrated E-cabinet and cut optimization, 30% savings on packaging materials
2008 PF410: Line-Separation with pick-and-place axis, space-saving design, ejection of empty packages
2012 Dorothee Buhmann was introduced as new managing director
2013 F100: the only linear filling machine in its class with minimal formatting costs at the same time
2013 C800: Sleever with balcony design, chainless folding

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